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My Services as a modern day Professional Toastmaster

It is a common fallacy that the Professional Toastmaster only represents pomp and formality.
The essential duties are to ensure that, on behalf of his clients the entire function is conducted to their wishes in an orderly and smooth manner.
A Toastmaster can work at a wide range of events, such as State and Civic occasions, Corporate events, Dinner dances, banquets, gala nights, sporting events and awards ceremonies.
Service club events (Rotary, Round Table, Lions etc), charity fundraising and award ceremonies, Masonic Ladies Festivals, the list is endless.


Remember on many of these occasions there is no dress rehearsal, so do not leave your special event to chance.

Over the past 10 years I have ‘officiated’ at prestigious functions in London, some attended by royalty.

I am regularly called upon to officiate at events organised by:-

  • Cancer Research UK.
  • ‘My Nanny’ Cancer Research Fund.
  • The Bobby Moore Bowel Cancer Fund.
  • Rotary International
  • County based charities.

Having been professionally trained, engaging me allows everyone on the organising committee and the Host to relax and let someone else guide the event from beginning to end, in accordance with their wishes.


Please use the enquiry form to contact me for a no obligation consultation.

Phil Shorthouse Professional Toastmaster in Kent

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